• Tips for House Training Cats

    House training a cat is essential for happy co-habitation, and it's easier than you might think. Cats are clean animals, and they have a strong instinct to relieve themselves in a regular spot and not soil their entire territory.
  • Health and Safety for your cat on Halloween


    While Halloween might be a fun and energizing time for your children, your feline may think that its more unpleasant than fun. A constant flow of outsiders ringing the doorbell, all wearing abnormal outfits and yelling "Trick or Treat," might be sufficient to send even the most valiant cat over the edge...Here's how to help them.

  • 4 Great Christmas Gifts To Get Your Cat

    4 Great Christmas Gifts To Get Your Cat

    WE have chosen 4 of the most popular and great gifts you can give your cat this Christmas. Have a look and let us know your opinion on it.


    Luv Dat Cat - 4 Gifts To Get Your Cat This Christmas

  • 23 Interesting Facts About Your Cat

    23 Interesting Facts About Your Cat

    We do love our cats and our cats do love us. They are great companions in which we cannot live without. If you are a first-timer to owning a domestic cat, We here at Luv Dat Cat have put together 23 interesting facts that you should know prior to your purchase. 

  • How to Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

    If you have a cat that won't stop scratching your furniture, you're probably wondering how to make them stop it, which is why we've put together this handy guide to help you prevent your kitty from shredding your sofa! Keep reading to find out more.

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