4 Great Christmas Gifts To Get Your Cat

4 Great Christmas Gifts To Get Your Cat

Brown Tabby Cat Beside Christmas Tree


1. Delicious cat treats

At the point when it's the ideal opportunity for Christmas dinner, we cherish smelling those delightful fragrances originating from the kitchen. Your feline likely feels the equivalent – they couldn't imagine anything better than to get their paws on that extraordinary smelling nourishment!

On the off chance that you need to make the season somewhat more brave, have a go at concealing these treats around the house and urging your feline to discover them. Ensure you place them in regions that they visit, for example, their bed or their preferred roost on the windowsill, or even at the base of their scratching post. It will simply be a great achievement each time they discover one!



Energy Ball with Natural Catnip



Natural Catnip



2. Toy mice

This Christmas present for felines is an old top choice. Felines have a set up relationship to mice and its a well known fact that they like jumping on things that move. This Christmas, put resources into a toy mouse. This mouse toy could be a stuffed mouse, which means your feline can play with it all alone, or it could be a mechanized mouse. In any case, ensure you get one in splendid Christmas hues, ideally red and green. It will simply add a pinch of happiness to the present.


Funny Mouse Chew Toy



Furry Mouse Toy

3. The Traditional Laser Pointer

Laser pointers are truly one of the most reliable go to cat toys on the market especially for Christmas. While there are a bunch of unique cat toys out there, laser pointers are a great traditional fallback. Laser pointers carry a bunch of benefits with them as cat toys as well:

  • ​Most cats love them and go nuts for them
  • It works on almost any surface during the day or the night
  • ​There’s no mess to cleanup after your cat plays with a laser pointer
  • ​It is easy to get your cat moving across entire rooms all from the comfort of a chair
  • ​The batteries are 100% replaceable on almost all models, this one takes simple AA(huge perk!)
  • ​They are incredibly safe for your cat, just don't shine it in their eyes

The only thing we would advise with a laser pointer is to ensure you finish your play session with something your cat can get a hold of physically. This gives your cat a chance to actually feel success in their hunt and will improve their satisfaction. You could finish with a wand or any stuffed toy or ball.


LED Laser Pen


4. Update some older equipment

Christmas is a splendid time to redesign a portion of your cat's abundantly cherished however old hardware. On the off chance that their scratching post looks somewhat ropey, their bed is wearing out, or their toys have gone through better days presently is an incredible time to get them something new.






Visit our store and pick up something you realize they'll adore. Consider their character, what they preferred or didn't care for about their old gear, and how it will fit in your home.

Why felines cherish it?

Nothing is superior to a fresh out of the box new scratching post or toy! Refreshing your cat's old hardware will give them something new to investigate, just as ensuring they are agreeable and won't get their paws on any old, free parts.

In this article, we've investigated a couple of Christmas presents you can purchase for your cat to get them in the Christmas soul and guarantee they have as stunning a period this season as you. Fill us in regarding whether you have some other Christmas present thoughts for felines!


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