Collection: Cat Toys

Energy, fun, joy and fond memories are had by all with these products. Both you and the cat will get a great work out along with enjoyment playing with these hot selling items. All at great value.

Introducing Timmy and Mittens, the dynamic CEOs of Luv Dat Cat! These two feline leaders are dedicated to both hard work and play, embodying the perfect balance of business acumen and leisure.

Recognising the importance of making their presence felt in the world of their favourite subject – playtime – Timmy and Mittens decided it was time to step into the limelight. With a genuine passion for play, they lead by example, demonstrating that a playful spirit is essential in both work and life.

Indeed, these dynamic CEOs understand the significance of enjoying the lighter side of things. So, brace yourself for a delightful journey with Timmy and Mittens as they bring their enthusiasm for play to the forefront at Luv Dat Cat!