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Sisal Rope Ball

Sisal Rope Ball

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Sisal Rope Ball Cat Toy - Engaging Playtime for Your Feline Friend


Introducing our Sisal Rope Ball, a thoughtfully designed cat toy crafted to provide endless joy and fulfill your cat's natural instincts. Here are the details:


Product Details:

  • Type: Sisal Rope Ball
  • Material: Premium-quality Sisal
  • Color: Random
  • Quantity: 1 PC
  • Features: Sisal Rope, Woven Ball, Cat Toy
  • Size: Diameter - 6.5cm

Key Features:

  1. Designed for Cat Entertainment: Created specifically for feline fun, combating boredom, and ensuring your cat's well-being.
  2. Safe and Tasteless: Crafted from high-quality, tasteless sisal material, prioritizing the safety and health of your cat.
  3. Dual Functionality: Functions as both a toy and a cat scratch board, satisfying your cat's natural scratching instincts and promoting healthy paw growth.
  4. Prevent Furniture Scratching: Redirects your cat's scratching behavior from furniture and upholstery, preserving your home while promoting exercise.
  5. Natural Sisal Material: Made from natural, non-allergenic sisal, offering an appealing three-dimensional design to capture your cat's attention.
  6. Exercise Sensitivity: Promotes exercise and enhances your pet's sensitivity during playtime.


  • Entertaining Playmate: Keeps your cat entertained, preventing loneliness and fostering a positive play environment.
  • Scratching Solution: Offers a suitable alternative for cats to satisfy their clawing needs, reducing the likelihood of furniture damage.
  • Attractive Design: The cute and three-dimensional design attracts your cat's attention, making it an ideal playmate.
  • Healthy Growth: Promotes healthy paw growth and overall well-being for your feline friend.

Elevate your cat's playtime with the Sisal Rope Ball Cat Toy, providing a perfect balance of entertainment, exercise, and scratching satisfaction.


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Customer Reviews

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Wilford Feest

Very cute loved my kitty kitty

Roel Watsica

Neochivano. Having arrived the Duge of Shvidko, about 2 tizhni. I am very cool, the cat was honored to get rid of it, the blue number of such a I and a hot. I recommend the seller and the seller.

Lesly Haley

Sisal Rope Ball

Eliane Bosco

Goods to Kitty pidishov)

Lucile Hodkiewicz

Sisal Rope Ball