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PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy

PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy

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PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy

Introducing the PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy – the ultimate companion for your feline friend's playtime! Crafted with care and designed for maximum engagement, this toy promises hours of joy for your beloved pet.



  1. Irresistible Catnip Infusion: Our plush cat toy is filled with premium catnip, creating an enchanting aroma that captures your cat's attention. The enticing scent ensures your furry friend stays captivated during play.

  2. Soft and Attractive Design: The toy boasts a soft and cute pattern, carefully crafted to attract your kitten's interest. The ideal size allows for easy play, grab, scratch, chew, and carry around, providing wholesome entertainment.

  3. Engaging Multi-Sensory Experience: With rich image designs and additional sound and touch features, this toy provides a multi-sensory experience for your cat. The interactive elements keep your cat engaged and entertained.

  4. Healthy Play and Stress Relief: As your kitten interacts with the PurrPlay toy, they will engage in flipping, jumping, swatting, and chasing – activities that promote physical activity and mental stimulation. The catnip content helps release stress, contributing to a happy and healthy feline lifestyle.

  5. Versatile Fun: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, our catnip plush toy is not limited to just cats. Other small animals, such as small dogs, can also enjoy the delightful play this toy offers.



Package Included:

1 * PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy

Enhance your cat's playtime with the PurrPlay Plush Catnip Delight Toy – where enchantment meets entertainment!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Kenna Steuber

Received a mouse, good quality, the cat as a bag came from her played with her, grinted against her, smells like some kind of grass. The cat is brought up with a toy🙏😆🤗I will also order because I have already bitten the ear of the toy after 15 minutes of the game🤪😆🔥🔥🔥💪

Blake Dibbert

The cat is my favorite.

Juvenal Walsh

The cat is satisfied.

Belle Marks

I Gato I love him

Cesar Pacocha